5Linx: Scam or Legit Business Opportunity?

We live in a world connected by the Internet. That means it’s easier than ever to start your own business. That also makes it more important than ever to do your homework when it comes to “business opportunities” for making money from home. 5Linx is one of the newest companies offering newbie entrepreneurs the chance to be their own boss. But many want to know this about 5Linx: scam or legit business opportunity?

Before I dig deeper, please note that

  • I’ve never pursued any home based business opportunity with 5Linx.
  • I don’t intend to.
  • My initial judgement when I first heard about 5Linx – SCAM!

But after a little more research, I learned that 5Linx isn’t a scam (although the people on this website have something else to say about that). It’s just a waste of time for most. And those who work hard enough to see some success are doing themselves a disservice.

“What is 5Linx?”

5linx scam, 5linx tweet, 5linx rep

Most people have no clue what 5Linx is exactly. You just see a lot of people on your social media timelines and news feeds, who swear up and down that they’re “gettin’ money” with 5Linx.

But how?

What are they doing to make these alleged large sums of money?

Is it legitimate or is there some type of 5Linx scam you’ll have to trick others into following?

I understand having all of those questions. So did I. But here’s what I found.

5Linx is…

5Linx is a telecommunications company at the basic level. They offer VoIP phone service, allowing customers to make voice calls via Internet. They also have a long list of other products and services for home and business telecommunications.

To build their consumer base quickly, 5Linx lets regular people promote the business and sell the products. The more representatives they have spreading the word about the business itself, the more sales they receive.

Pretty good strategy. They’ve been named by Inc. to be one of the 5000 fastest growing privately-held companies in the country.

So far, so good. No 5Linx scam here.

5Linx = MLM

 5linx scam, pyramid scheme, MLM, multilevel marketing

Now that you have a basic idea of what the 5Linx business is all about, you can grasp the next part.

5Linx is also a multilevel marketing (MLM) company. The MLM side of the business is what you see when people claim they’re making attractive sums of money with 5Linx. And it’s the part I have a problem with.

You see, in multilevel marketing, you get a commission from the sales you make (on 5Linx products). And you make commission from sales that other people make – the people you recruit to your team (called “5Linx representatives”).

It sounds good on paper, but it’s not easy at all. Especially when most 5Linx representatives are eerily secretive about the details of what they’re doing to make their home-based business successful.

Why 5Linx May Appear to be a Scam

One of the biggest problems I have with the whole 5Linx trend is that very few representatives are specific about the purpose of their business. Yet they try to convince people to follow them down the path to riches.

Doesn’t that throw up a red flag to you?

It did for me.

And I’m sure 5Linx seems even more like a scam when representatives ask for an almost $300 investment without giving any details upfront.

But it isn’t a scam. Like I said, it’s just pretty much a waste of time for serious entrepreneurs.

There’s No 5Linx Scam… Only Misguided Entrepreneurs

I say that 5Linx is a waste of time because there’s a better way to build your own home-based business.

Even though the 5Linx introductory video here talks about how successful the business has been; that’s just it. 5Linx has been hugely successful. Not each individual representative.

There are no guarantees that you’ll make thousands of dollars a month. Even if representatives do tell you that “an investment of only $____ is all you need to start making $_____ a month.”

That’s how they get ya!

5linx scam, 5linx representative

No 5Linx Scam – Just Unnecessary Costs

I’m a big fan of the bootstrapped startup.

In other words, I think it’s better to cut unnecessary costs when possible.

You have to pay for the opportunity to sell 5Linx products. That costs $99, and you’ll become a Customer Representative.

If you want to build a team of representatives so that you can make money from their sales, you’ll have to pay $249. You’ll be an Independent Marketing Representative.

Notice that in either position, you’re a representative. Not a business owner.

5Linx is a great way to build entrepreneurial experience, but at the end of the day, it’s just like you’re still working for someone else.

No 5Linx Scam – Just Double Paying Your Employer

In addition to the sign-up fees paid to become a 5Link representative, you’ll also have a monthly fee AND an annual membership fee.

The monthly fee is for Platinum or Standard services. Platinum services cost $49.95 a month and basically includes:

  • your business website
  • a magazine subscription
  • unlimited access to business training media
  • a support team
  • annual membership fee waived

Standard services cost a little less than $20 a month and obviously include less than the Platinum services.

I don’t think either are worth paying for every month.

 5linx scam, save money, alternative business opportunity

Running your own website doesn’t even cost $50 a month. I put up my first website for $25. That covered the purchase of my domain name and the first month of website hosting. And hosting was less than $10 a month after that.

I wrote an article here about becoming an entrepreneur. Start there. It’ll tell you everything you need to create your own website.

So paying 5Linx for that is unnecessary.

Paying a monthly fee and an annual fee for business training is also unnecessary.

3 Ways to Eliminate the Need for 5Linx Business Training

  1. Google everything. If you have a question about anything involving your business, Google it. I guarantee you that Google will provide an answer or show you where to get the answer from.
  2. Subscribe to blogs related to your business idea and niche.
  3. Search YouTube for video tutorials to show you how to do things related to your business.

The best thing about each of these solutions is that they’re free, if you don’t count the cost of Internet access.

Why pay for business training from one company, in one industry, when you can get all the help you need online – from unlimited sources and for free?

Nothing I learned in college got me this far in my career.

Everything I learned was found online. Free information and training materials were enough to help me set up my business. From there, I was motivated to invest on my own in further business education.

Still, the sum total of all the business training I paid for is still less expensive than what people are paying for a CHANCE to make money selling 5Linx products online.

Someone is getting the short end of the stick. And I guarantee you it’s not the company on Inc.’s list of the 5000 fastest growing privately-held companies.

It’s the representatives.

Given that, 5Linx still isn’t a scam.

No 5Linx Scam – Just Jumping Through Hoops

 5linx scam, jumping through hoops, MLM, multilevel marketing

It’s time I acknowledged the fact that there really are 5Linx success stories.


Some people actually do build large teams of representatives, who make lots of sales. Some make large commissions and enjoy living on residual income.

But not most. Not many. I bet, not even close to half.

Most are doing what I call “jumping through hoops.” Putting on a show. Doing a lot for little.

You’ve probably heard it said that over 90% of businesses fail. I’m sure that applies to 5Linx.

Simply put, many people just don’t have the initiative, persistence and self-motivation to build a successful business over time.

Maybe that’s why some think it’s easier to pay 5Linx to give them something to sell and to show them how to sell it. But when you factor in MLM, that makes things more complicated than many beginners can handle.

It’s hard enough to get people to pay attention to the fact that you’re even running a business.

Then you have to convince your audience that the products are valuable.

Then you have to give them a reason to buy from you and not the other guys selling the same thing.

Keep in mind that selling enough 5Linx products to make decent money isn’t an overnight thing. It’ll take time to build an audience for things like cell phones and phone service because AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, T-Mobile, Boost, Metro PCS and ‘nem pretty much have that on lock.

5linx scam, cell phones, telecommunications, Alltel commercial

On top of all of that, 5Linx reps who want to make any real money have to convince others to do the same job they do. Recruiting your own team is really the only way to make the big bucks, like you see in the 5Linx promotional video.

You know… the video with about twenty different 5Linx reps, all in frames with the same silver Bentley.

I’m just here to tell you. There’s a better way.

Selling Products is Hard When You Don’t Care

Let’s review.

The gist of your business as a 5Linx rep would include selling home and business telecommunications products, cell phones, VoIP service, etc. Then getting others to start selling also – under you.

That doesn’t sound very interesting, does it?

No, I mean, really. Think about it. Do you read up on the latest telecommunications product development and industry news? Can you tell me what VoIP stands for?

These are the things 5Linx reps sell and want others to sell along with them.

If you could start any business with no chance of failing, would it be a telecommunications company?

I don’t think so. I think the only thing most people care about is #TeamIphone and #TeamDroid.

That’s why I’m bringing this to your attention.

In case you didn’t know, it’s hard to sell something you’re not interested in.

 5linx scam, no sale, typewriter, no sales

Add in that many 5Linx representatives have no formal education or experience with marketing. That further decreases their chances at success.

“Results Not Typical”

To further prove my point, think about those success stories I mentioned earlier. If you visit the webpage to find out more about them, you’ll see that most of the Platinum representatives mentioned had previous careers in sales, marketing, entertainment or technology.

Of course, they’re success stories!

They’ve been around telecommunications and marketing since college – and maybe before that. They have a lot more experience with successful selling than the average 5Linx representative.

Yet 5Linx uses these success stories as inspiration for people who just decided yesterday that they want to start a business…

It’s up to aspiring entrepreneurs to do their due diligence. Those success story results are not typical. You have to keep things like that in mind when considering business opportunities online.

Or better yet…

Stop Looking for “Business Opportunities”

And just start a business!

If you’re willing to put time and money into selling 5Linx products, why not develop and sell your own products/services?

5linx scam, starting a business, home-based business

At least you’d be able to keep the profit all to yourself.

5Linx is able to be on Inc.’s list of the 5000 fastest growing privately-held companies because of the representatives who spread the word about their products and services.

I’d much rather direct my entrepreneurial efforts at spreading the word about my own products and services.

By truly becoming your own boss, I bet you’d be more successful because of your personal investment in the business. Ideas for networking, growth and new income streams come much quicker when you have a genuine interest in your business. And when you have to put in long hours to keep cash flowing, it won’t be as bad when you love your business as your brainchild.

Not as products you’re selling for someone else.

But to each his own.

If you’re a successful 5Linx rep, please prove me wrong.

How did you achieve success with 5Linx? (No promotion. Just strategy.)

If you were considering 5Linx as a home-based business opportunity, did this article change your mind?

Do you still believe that 5Linx is a scam?

I love to hear from my readers. Share with me in the comments below. :)

Nikki Robinson is passionate about helping young adults become successful in life after high school. Click here to receive blog updates, cool tools & freebies from Nikki.

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  1. Dervie Arlene Mapp says

    Thank you for your review. Was about to join, but after reading this article I decided to pass. I’ll start a business the right way. I am not looking to feed the top and only receive a few cents.

    Again thank you for your time reviewing this company.

    • says

      I just wanted to expose the stuff that many of the reps don’t tell you. I’m glad it was able to help you save some money… and ultimately make more money when you get your own business up and running. I wish you the best with that Dervie. :-)

  2. lanah says

    If you really need to break it down, a pyramid scheme is ANYTHING where the only way a person can make money is for that person to recruit people who in turns recruits people and so on. They masked this as a business but it really isn’t. A true business even a MLM makes the money off of the products, not the fees or dues your “co-workers” pay. In other words, a person should be able to make the same amount of money from recruiting one person who SELLS a hell of a lot of product than 100 people who sit on their arse. In pyramid schemes this is not true. They can careless about how much PRODUCT that one person sales because in reality the product is only yielding a small amount of product. What pyramid schemes NEED ,in order to survive, is 100 people who are paying the fees and dues associated with that business and for them to get 100 more to do the same. A pyramid scheme is golden if that happens even if those people don’t sell jack. If you want to find out of these businesses are true businesses ask the person who is trying to recruit you to show you their sales and expenses report, every investor would require this. It’s entrepreneurship 101. If the person,,even if they are successful within the venture, can’t show you anything, then you know they aren’t truly selling anything and that their income comes from YOU joining.

  3. Samuel Farcarlun says

    Thanks Nikki
    I recently enlisted within 5linx and unlike everyone else I was not moved by the materials and slides of money that were being presented before me. I joined 5linx with the intention of just creating a leg that could offer me a form of support. My style is normally one that is calm and has me constantly calculating so I never had any intention of chasing the bonus they offer if you meet the requirements in a month. Today, I went to a regional event and demonstrated this, with the result of my “upline” getting tense because I showed no signs of being swept away by the momentum accumulated in the room. Thank you for making it very clear to me and I must give you props for this being the first review that was completely unbiased and did not try to sell me anything in the end lol.
    My main suspicion, which you have clarified for me, was that if the system was so easy then how come the time frames of success were never within the same periods? Some taking six years others taking just 49 days? Thanks to you I have decided to dedicate my time into learning the necessary marketing and sales techniques necessary to make any business grow and not just 5linx.
    Thank you for your unbiased review, and I wish you the best of luck in whatever you do.

  4. says

    Thank you for opening my eye to see what I was about to get my self in to. I Think is good to be my own boss , if it will take me 2years to do that is better than doing it for another person and I will get pay half and half to the company no thank you .

  5. Alberto says

    It SCREAMS scam when they sell you something way over market price and under pay you for your effort.

    • Tom W says


      I have bought products at the 99 cent store that Kroger charges $2.29. Present, show, and sell the products you believe in. The “fluff” is distributed as profits, and bonuses. Profit is not a dirty word.

      Kroger calls it profit , pay their expenses and stockholders. Show all products, we are just the messenger.

  6. Ash says

    Very good information provided in this articles , definitely puts things into perspective . Happy I didn’t dive in before looking up information.

  7. Glenda says

    My fiancé is HOOKED on 5Linx and I am skeptical and I work in Sales! The whole thing sounds not only like a scam but a cult! When he comes back from the ‘meetings’ he is hyped up! All he can talk about is the residual income, double platinum VP…the Bentley, the watches…the rings…seriously!!!!! But they do not tell you how much it is going to cost you upfront and realistically how long it will take to make all of this MONEY!!! Of course the ones who have been doing it a while turn a quick profit…it takes money to make money!!!!!!!!!! I could not believe it when he called me and said the VPs at the meeting said ‘if your friends and family truly love you they will help you’. First law of business…NEVER, EVER GO INTO BUSINESS WITH YOUR FAMILY!!!! It may not be a scam but they are not telling the COMPLETE truth and they are misleading folks!!!!!!!!

  8. says

    All of it is true but his opinion I disagree with. I also had my own website for my construction company and it is not as easy as he says. It takes a lot of time to build a decent website. Many people are not that savvy. I’m not and consider myself smarter than most. What he failed to mention is that the $50 a month is tax deductible. What business are you going to start that connects you to all of the #1 company’s in the world and give you an opportunity to capitalize on EVERYDAY expenses. MLM is the way of the future. I can sell services to people in several different countries. My website was just rated number #1 in the world network marketing. I feel your skepticism Bro and it may not be for you but there is nothing hidden and no secrets. Have you been to my website. Better yet You want to visit my Virtual Office?

    Above is a reply to one of my buddy’s.

    Anything you do in life is MLM. Each year over 4000 businesses start up and every year not more than 1% cut and of the 1% less than 1% last longer than 3 years. In 3 years a non motivated person can build a residual income greater than my military residual of 1200 a month which took me 21years and 3 months to earn. If you ask me that’s a scam.

  9. Zoav says

    Great article! I just saw on my newsfeed a friend of mine promoted to the company. I had never heard of the company so I wanted to check it out… I’m definitely glad I did because I know it won’t be long before I’m approached. While I’m confident I have the grit to make any thing I pursue work— I’m not trying to give up my job for sales and marketing and that’s what you’d have to do to make it. Also… One would have to be ok hustling friends and family—because many of us can count on one hand friends/family that would actually have the perseverance to make it… Great article!

  10. Angelo says

    I write an honest review and you delete my comment? Wth? Whatever? I shouldn’t even thanked you

    • says

      … can I live Angelo?

      No one deleted your comment. I simply hadn’t gotten around to approving it. I moderate my comments for this exact reason. Being that your comments were posted the days before and after Christmas, I didn’t get to them. You asked for my suggestions about something I offer a PAID course for, so I think you should have a bit more patience if you’re requesting free information.

      Soooo, pretty much, that’s my advice. Get some patience. There’s no way you’ll own a successful web business without it.

  11. Angelo says

    Hi. Thank You so much for this article. You are totally right. I was between opening my own website/business store and I was hoping that these people showed me the way but you have opened my eyes towards the idea that i really dont need to pay them to help me. I can just educate everything myself or get help elsewhere like thie internet or books. Thank because there are many people in the world with financial problems or hope and these kind of things might just take that last ounce of motivation. Putting the money in my face is just something I found weird. Nobody does that… I never found the idea of looking for people that look for people for money too pleasing… People look at you as desperate so the face these 5linx rep puts on is a face of has to be a confident one. They put the money like if its no problem and then mix theories of life against you. Like saying that people think you have to work very hard to make money. In my opinion it is true… You dont have work very hard to make money or wealth… You just have to play it smart. But they use it for the wrong purpose… I think that these days we have to be very careful with internet businesses like these because its easy to be fooled or robbed. At one time I saw the 1 dollar businnes. Pay 1 dollar and get people and for each person you get you get paid 20 dollars. One dollar is not much….. If I ask for a dollar for everyone in the world I will probably have alot of money… I saw that somewhere… But it lacks integrity and integrity to me is very important. I do not want to trick people or push people to buy things….

    In the end I thank you again for your wonderful article. I like this… Contributing to the world, doing a piece of good for once and you will eventually be rewarded somehow. This website must open alot of opportunities…

    I can’t wait to have my own store, website and blog. For me its hard sometimes to know where to start or what to do.

    I want to sell health products, therapy products and such so to do that in a unique way is the thing that gets to me but i am on my way. I will definitely not waste my time doing the 5linx and work alot harder on what I want. The same thing I would’ve paid to learn I can just learn through way better methods. There is also competition probably in this kind of thing so maybe they wont show you everything EVERYTHING you know?

    Anyways lol. Thanks again. I would be interested in your research methods because I want a web business so bad… So I would Appreciate any tips/ suggestions/ anything you think might help. There is probably millions of students like me trying to do something about there financial future but sometimes feel stuck. It seems you found a way out. I am glad you did and I am glad you had the opportunity to make this article.

    Thank you



  12. chris says

    Ok so I got mr daryl huckaby himself contacting me in regards to joining this company but I didn’t knw what it was about after watching about 5 videos all I knw it was people who was living big driving bently and build there house from scratch so I decide to research and found this very helpfull am hery good sales person but am still sceptic but I want to get into internet marketing any advise please has to a viable option. I always want to work from home

    • says

      Hi Chris,

      My first piece of advice would be to take ANY question you have about Internet marketing and type it into Google’s search field. It seems like a simple, dismissive answer, but it truly is how I learned EVERYTHING I know today. Before Google was the conglomerate it is today, I was THE Googler. “Google it” was my motto. There’s literally NOTHING you can’t learn online these days.

      And if working from home is your goal, you first need to decide what you want to do. There are jobs in almost every industry that can be performed from home. Once you figure out exactly what type of work-from-home position you’d like, Google that too. But do your due diligence, but scammers like work-from-home newbies.. Just saying.

      Hope that helps. :)

      • SWWM says

        I keep reading that you are advising people to google everything to get the answers to everything they are looking for. However, respecfully you should first educate them on what the internet is all about. The truth is anyone can put anything on the internet and for the most part most of the things on the internet is someones opinion. even Wikapekia can be altered and is not 100% true.

        What needs to happen is people need to just state the facts and leave their opinion out of it. And the facts are 5Linx as you stated is NOT a scam and may be a viable option for many looking for a non-traditional way of making income if you are willing to work hard.

        Another truth is Yes you can start a business of your own but less than 1% of the population that actually want to, will have the drive ambition or initiative to actually put the work in to actually do it.

        It makes sence to many that don’t have all the knowledge it takes to develop a successful business to pay a small fee to a company like 5Linx to take care of the things they have have no knowledge of., Not only that you are paying because 5Linx has already done a lot of the work for you they are already successful. With starting your own business you are starting from scratch to even put yourself in a position to be successful. Most start up business won’t be profitable until year 3-5. However going the MLM route you have a potential to become profitable within the 1st 30 days again that all depends on the individual effort as with anything. Everything cost even if it is an opportunity cost of time. Nothing in life is free with will pay whether it is your time or your $$.

      • says

        I’m stuck on your first sentence… you keep reading that I’m advising people…

        That made me smile… the word is getting out! I’m glad you were able to get everything else you wrote off of your chest, but none of it changed my mind about 5linx.

        Good day :-)

  13. Mz. Esq. says

    Thanks for this article, Nikki.

    Someone shared this “opportunity” with me a few weeks ago. I swore he told he owned a business then he invited me to a seminar with a room full of presenters talking about 5Linx. It does seem more legitimate than some others I’ve heard about, but I’m hesitant. I own my own business and I cannot see the benefit of taking funds from my own startup to invest in someone else’s business. Just like you said “at the end of the day, it’s just like you’re still working for someone else.”

    If I have to hustle that hard, I’d rather hustle to accomplish my own dreams and not someone else’s.

  14. ria says

    thank you this helped clear up alot of questions, i was approached by someone at work the other day and like you said they were vague, money and simplicity were emphasized but still had no clear idea how it all worked. So Thank You again, I will also be passing on this offer.

  15. Agnes Pierre says

    I truly appreciate your words of wisedom. A friend asked me what I thought about 5linx and like I do with everything, I decided to research it. So glad I did.

  16. Joseph says

    This is what I forgot to say, “the best research is the one we do ourselves” you might see something I didnt see.

  17. Maria says

    Great article!

    I was actually offered 5linx years ago, and thought it was some kind of scam. But, my aunt has a friend who works for them and insisted on showing us a presentation about the company. It sounded good, of course, but having to pay $300 or so to have my “own business” through 5linx was discouraging, so I told him I’d pass. Fast forward to last week, a friend of mine was talking about how she’s making $$$ working from home and how great it is, I asked what she’s doing and she told me about 5linx and offered me this opportunity. I was almost convinced since I am a stay-home mom of 2 and it would be great to work from home. I mean, who doesn’t want an extra income, right? I talked to my husband about it and the first thing he said was “that sounds like a scam!” LoL. So, I did more research about it. As I got more information about it, I am getting even more discouraged and possibly going to pass the second time. Thanks for the article.

  18. Holly says

    I agree with you on some of your points and this article is probably for people who don’t have real hustle when it comes to sales but like you said if you are in IT, Sales are marketing, 5Linx can actually be a great opportunity if you have initative, self motivation,persistance and a positive attitude.

    • says

      I agree with that Holly. 100%. That’s why I had to be clear that 5linx isn’t a scam, by definition. But it’s a money pit for those who aren’t going to put in the time investment to learn legitimate marketing and sales techniques. Thanks for reading and sharing your thoughts. :)

  19. maryam says

    You sound very negative to me. i joined 5linx n made a thousand dollars in my 1st month. you are just promoting your stuff.

    • says

      Sorry faceless “Maryam,” but I just don’t believe you. Had you really made “a thousand dollars” in your first month, you wouldn’t have a problem sharing your strategy – as I requested in the questions above. I find it strange how you’re the only person who thinks this article is negative of the several who’ve commented… coincidentally, you’re using the same vague claims that most 5Linx reps have about making substantial sums of money quickly.

      No promotions here. I have way more links to the 5Linx website than to any of my other blog posts. Sooo… let’s try that again. Give me a better argument next time.

      • Mila Borje says

        negative…negative…and then promote yours. Have seen my friends and know some of those people that were not hindered by the negative comments from people like you. I salute them for their passion of helping people through the money they have through 5LINX.

      • Bryan says

        Hi Nikki, I appreciate your article and respect a lot of your analysis. My wife and I joined 5linx within the last 60 days and we both have made over $1500 individually. They offer a “quick start” program that pays new representatives for acquiring personal customer points and obtaining new business partners. Network marketing isn’t for everyone and it’s not a get rich quick scheme. You’re basically identifying go-getters and hustlers who can make things happen.

        The products that are offered are things people use everyday and with the same exact companies. But like you hinted on, my wife holds a MBA and I’ve been successful in real estate and promotions for over a decade, so our previous skills have given us a leg up. Do I think everyone can be successful with 5linx? NO!!!! Do I think anyone can be successful with 5linx? YES!!! Those lifestyle videos are the destination of a lot of hard work and setbacks on a long journey. If you’re not prepared to work twice as hard as your current job for it, you should probably look elsewhere.

        As far as the claims of this not being your own business, I disagree. You’re pretty much an independent contractor and everything depends solely on you. You’re using 5linx’s relationships with companies to offer products and services to your clients. You’re no different than a franchise owner of a popular chain. For most, it’s a lot easier buying a McDonald’s than to open your own restaurant and establish a new brand. You won’t be able to do that for $300, I know that for sure. If you have the capital to secure business relationships on your own with all of these companies, then go right ahead lol.

        But no beef from me, this opportunity is a great vehicle for those who know how to drive it. Others will crash and some won’t even get out of the drive way, but that’s with anything. We don’t call school and life scams do we?? LOL.. Peace

      • says

        Hi Bryan. I appreciate your feedback and your being transparent about the advantage you and your wife have with 5linx. I can honestly say your comment has several points worth considering in 5linx’s favor… and yes, I do call school a scam. Lol, thanks for sharing your story. :)

    • john sinaga says

      Maryam. It sounds very darn good, but you did not tell how you did it. in my math calculation, by paying 249 and the other two under you also paid 249 does not add up to 1000. can explain it more ?

  20. Alfred says

    First time on this website and I love it. As an old adult lol 25, after reading couple articles I find this blog super helpful and mind opening. Great job Nikki

  21. catherine says

    Got 5linx pitched to me tonight. Was a little skeptical so researched on GOOGLE and found found your article!Definitely put things into perspective. I told them I would pass.

    • says

      I love that you followed up your skepticism with the tried-and-true Google search. That alone tells me your mind power is made for something greater than 5Linx! Thanks for commenting Catherine :)

  22. Andre Artis says

    Thank you for this info. I have an associate that post stuff every 5 sec on Facebook about the same things u were talking about in the article. How there getting money so much more. But I can’t get a clear explanation on what they really do.

    • says

      That’s exactly why I wrote this article. Thanks for stopping by Andre! It’s nice to know that you’re someone who may save time & money because you did your research. :)

  23. Gerald Walker says

    That is a great article….I’m that person doing research now on the product….

  24. Tony says

    OMG!!! I know someone on both ends of the 5LINX spectrum. One of which drives the Bentley (company leased) and the other who couldn’t make it past 1st base. I never could get past individuals “re-selling” VOIP/Internet or any of the other “Telcom” products without any experience. Just didn’t make sense. My career included almost 10 years with the local phone company. This puts everything into perspective perfectly for anyone thinking about 5LINX as an opportunity. Well done.

    • says

      Thanks for commenting Tony.

      That’s why I tried to explain it from an unbiased POV. I never want to tell people that they can’t reach whatever goal they have, but I always want to be realistic about it. Like you said, trying to do it without the proper experience just doesn’t make sense. So I hope someone reads this and doesn’t invest money when they know they aren’t really prepared for a position in telecom sales.

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